Dinstec DESIGNS and BUILDS both residential and commercial projects. The Company’s projects are distinguished by surpassing quality construction methods as well as clean and innovative designs.

Dinstec merges the techniques used in its commercial practice to its residential practice. Its most outstanding feature is the use of STEEL FRAMING in all projects. This practice allows all residential and commercial projects to be secure, lasting, and stable structures, a UNIQUE APPROACH in the construction industry.

Dinstec is a family-owned company headed by Manuel Carrasco. Manuel is an engineer and his first job involved construction feasibility for a commercial company. His interest in design and construction led him to develop Dinstec. Manuel has over 10 years of EXPERIENCE in both design and construction of residential and commercial projects. His construction expertise, work ethic, and demanding results allow him to receive several referrals after the completion of every project. Manuel is an avid reader of designarchitecture, and construction.

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