Process & Warranty

Dinstec believes that its clients should not only love their finished project but should also enjoy the process, from start to finish. Thus, we believe communication is key for an exceptional experience in offering the following services:

New Constrcution

Dinstec builds both homes and commercial projects. Dinstec prefers to use steel construction on all its projects, making structures secure, long-term, and stable.

Dinstec specializes in luxury homes in a range of different styles, from traditional, transitional, and modern (including minimalist and contemporary designs). We incorporate the client’s lifestyle, aesthetics, and needs using a holistic and personal approach, from site evaluation, design, material selection, and construction.


We will be there not only once we finish construction but also after you take possession of your home through our warranties and first-rate post-delivery customer service. We will be there even if you need help changing a light bulb.


Initial Meeting.

We meet with you, and your realtor, to discuss Dinstec’s goals and philosophy. We then engage in assessing the client’s needs and design criteria as well as on a preliminary budget.

Site Evaluation.

We help evaluate location, which helps drive inspiration for the project. This includes lot factors and characteristics such as sun angles, winds, greenery, topography, etc.

Design and Selections.

Based on preliminary design meetings, we begin to establish style of the home, building product preferences, and develop selection criteria based on the client’s lifestyle and needs. We discuss different aspects such as niches, columns, and other architectural features. Dinstec introduces the client to different products and brands that follow their aesthetics and requirements. The selection process occurs concurrently with the design and is finalized when every product is chosen.

Based on these meetings, we produce a first set of plans accompanied with renders. We use these to work further on perfecting the home until the final design is achieved.

We also welcome partnership with other architects and professionals in the industry.


After the design is completed, we meet with the client to sign an agreement that includes all specifications, quote, and construction schedule.

We later work with local authorities to submit plans and receive their approvals.


Construction begins with the foundation and ends when all finishes and greenery are completed.

Client will walk the home during the different phases of construction and may also meet with builder as desired on an appointment basis.

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