The Value of Steel

Advantages of using steel include: safety, cost-efficiency, sustainability, durability, and aesthetics.dinstec_residential_BG2

Safety: Exceptional resistance to fire, winds, and pests & fungus. In extreme hot and cold climates, steel is the first choice. Also, steel does not need pesticides, glues, or other preservatives, making it safe for people living around it or handling this material.

Fire Resistance: Steel frame components have been proven to withstand brush fires with temperatures of more than 1000°C. These structures will not add fuel to fires and hence collapse as easily as wood structures.

Cost-Efficiency: Lower maintenance required as well as about 50% energy savings, as heat radiates quickly from roofing, and is a better insulator, creating a cooler home environment in hot climates. Structure is built in about 1/3 time of a wood home, and because the structure is prefabricated, it assembles similar to an erector set.

Environmentally friendly: Steel can be endlessly recycled with no detrimental effect. In fact, globally, recycled steel accounts for 50% of new steel production.

Aesthetics: Steels’ flexibility, malleability, and strength allows for different shapes and structures, openness, and transparency. Its acoustic and dampening abilities provide a peaceful home environment.

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